Thursday, August 18, 2011

God Plans the Most Perfect "Reboots"!

In my post last June 29 -- Learning Some Life Lessons...From My Laptop! (LESSON # 1) -- I wrote about the need to "reboot" every now and then, especially when you're starting to feel tired or drained from the busyness of your day to day life.

Well, over the past two weeks, what with the simultaneous activities in the school where I work and midterm exams in the school where I study -- I'd been feeling kinda "low batt" and quite uninspired! (thus, I haven't posted anything here since July 29).

So when I got news from my Bestie last Saturday afternoon, that there was going to be free ballroom dancing at the Club here in Alabang later that evening -- I instantly knew, this was God's answer to my silent prayer!  I'd been quietly asking Him for "something" to help me recharge and this was obviously it! :-)

Ballroom dancing has always been and [as long as my knees & legs will allow] will probably always be one sure-fire way of "rebooting" my system!  The ballroom dance-floor is my "happy place."  

Sure enough, I enjoyed the night TREMENDOUSLY!  From swing, to boogie, to reggae -- once I got started, I couldn't really stop!  In fact, even if I didn't have a partner to dance with, I just kept going and going and going... (yes, like an Energizer Bunny -- see previous post for reference to this).  It was definitely a recharging night and I was really in awe and grateful about the timing of it all. 

But wait, the story doesn't end here!  God had something else up his sleeve! Though I was already "full" from all that dancing, God decided to give me a little piece of "dessert" (yep, He's a really sweet God!).  

You see, throughout the night, not once did they play tango music -- which happens to be my all-time favorite dance.  And so I was quite resigned that I wouldn't get to dance it that evening (and I would have still been happy anyhow).  But, at the very end, just before we all called it a night, I heard the first few notes of an unmistakably tango musical piece fill the air...I literally jumped in delight!  Of course, as I 'took the floor,' I savored every moment of the dance -- every step, dip and turn. :-)

It was truly a perfect way to reboot (and you can expect no less if it was planned by God!).

* * * * *

Speaking of the tango, I just had a thought while writing this post.  The cliche goes: "It takes two to tango" -- in every relationship, both parties need to put in the effort to make it work.  Both have to give, and both have to take.  

I just realized this evening that this applies too, with God.  Sometimes, we think that it is only us who should be doing the 'serving' -- that the effort should only come from our end... because well, He is GOD.  Because of this mindset however, we sometimes don't realize the many things He actually does to serve US!  We miss out on both the big and little things our God so lovingly and meticulously orchestrates -- just to make us happy.  Just like my little night of dance. 

We shouldn't forget that "the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve." (Mark 10:45)

May you always experience dancing the tango with God and savor every moment... every step, dip and turn. :-)

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