Monday, July 11, 2011

Learning Some Life Lessons... From My Laptop! (LESSON # 2)

In one of my previous posts, I shared about the need to "REBOOT" ourselves every now and then.  Here’s another life lesson my laptop taught me that day…

DON’T MULTI-TASK (if you can help it).

There are times when I find myself running one too many programs at once on my laptop – I’m designing something on Adobe Illustrator, editing a picture on Photoshop, typing an article on Word, checking out Facebook on Chrome, playing music on Windows Media Player, etc etc etc.  Naturally, when I do this, everything just slows down…big time!  (especially since my laptop is quite old already). 

That same day when I was reminded about the “secret of rebooting,” I was also reminded how much more efficiently my computer could work with less programs running.  After rebooting my laptop, I decided to open only one program at a time.  Sure enough, it ran much faster than it did previously!

Once again, this taught me another valuable life lesson.  As mentioned in my “God, the Master Weaver” post, I am currently involved in multiple organizations which require me to juggle my time and energy between them.  Sometimes, I try to do several tasks at the same time – almost like how Windows operates on our computers.  When my mind races, I get an idea for one thing and start on that, but in the next minute, I get an idea for another thing, so I start on that one too. Later, I realize that I’m either not getting anything done, or that everything is taking too long to accomplish, simply because I’m shifting back and forth between tasks too much!

Sure, there will be times when multi-tasking is necessary.  But there are really many other times when it can be avoided.  So when possible, just do one thing at a time.  Focused work is definitely the more efficient way to go!

* * *

I can imagine this is how Jesus went about His ministry as well.  He focused on one thing at a time… He cleansed a leper… He healed a centurion's servant… He healed Peter’s mother-in-law… He stilled the storm… He healed a paralytic, then two blind men, then one who was mute.  We don’t read any account in the Gospels of Jesus multi-tasking, like feeding the five thousand while healing all of them at once! (although He could have!)

One of the reasons why I believe Jesus went about things that way, was because He was a very personal Messiah.  He wanted to give each and every person (especially the least, the last and the lost) His full focus and attention. 

For me, one of the most striking accounts in the Gospels that shows this trait of Jesus, was the story of the woman with hemorrhage who touched His cloak along the road.  Jesus actually took the time to stop, find out who it was, and even talk to the woman. (Mark 5:24-34)

Jesus was and continues to be our Good Shepherd who would go out of His way to find the one lost sheep that goes astray (Luke 15:3-7). How blessed we are to have such a God, who can focus His mighty love to touch each and everyone of us!

P.S. – Here’s a beautiful reflection about the Personal Heart of Jesus.

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