Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prayer Post # 2: Be Overwhelmed By Him!

From the book, "Good Morning...God" by Pamela Steinke. 
This has been my favorite devotional over the last 5 years or maybe even more!

July 2 

"Open yourself up totally to Me; give yourself totally to Me; let yourself be overwhelmed by Me, by My spirit within you.  Do not back away as you always do when you reach that point of immersion in Me!  That is the place where I want you to live all the days of your life.  Not on the edge, but in the very center of My being -- in the midst of My flood of Living Water.  No sideline seat is good enough.  You don't want to touch faith, you want to be engulfed by it totally.  Then jump into the river!  Be one with Me.  Then there will be no forlorn search for faith, for all that is necessary is already in Me.  Open yourself up to more of Me and you will have that which you so earnestly desire."

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